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We all know the sun is bad for us. And we all want to look tan and healthy instead of pale and ghostly, especially in the summer during swimsuit and shorts season. For decades many of us have relied on spray tans in the salons and self-tanning lotions to get a healthy glow. Skinny Tan is a product from Australia that is now available in the United States.

What makes Skinny Tan different from other self-tanners on the market? First of all, instead of that strong, unpleasant smell of most of the others, Skinny Tan has a tropical, coconut scent that will make you feel like you’re on vacation in the Hawaii or the Caribbean. It’s a light, pleasant scent.

Secondly, Skinny Tan is a light brown color to help users spread it evenly on their skin, instead of being white so when you use it you don’t see where it’s been applied. This color guide is beneficial to getting an even bronze. The key is not to over do the spreading of the lotion. It doesn’t take a lot of product to cover your skin, and with the help of the lotion that goes on brown, you’ll see exactly which areas have been covered.

Finally, Skinny Tan is supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is the only thing I didn’t see when I tested this product. But that’s not to say others will.

As someone who has tried multiple self-tanners through the years, I can say that this is definitely a good product, even if I don’t credit it with reducing the look of cellulite. I love the scent, which has been a pet peeve of mine in the past. I have not been comfortable with the scents of other self-tanners. And the color is not fake looking. It is a healthy bronze that looks as though I spent a day at the beach.

To test this product I first used the Pre-Tan Primer, which is a gentle exfoliate that also has the coconut scent. This made my skin soft and evened out the rough spots to make it smoother for the tanning lotion. It’s good to use this especially on elbows, knees, ankles, toes, and fingers (if you are tanning your hands). Even if you aren’t tanning, this is an exfoliate I would still use regularly because it works wonders and smells delicious.

Then I spread the Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner on my legs. With the color guide, I didn’t have any blank spots, which has happened in the past with other products. It didn’t take long before my legs had a healthy glow, which is supposed to last for seven days.

The thing I don’t like about self-tanners is the wait time before you can touch anything. True, this is a problem with them all, but we have to sacrifice a little to get that gorgeous bronze skin in a healthy way. The length of time until this lotion dried and I was able to sit on the couch without worrying about transferring the color or smudging my legs was only about 20 minutes.

The company recommends keeping the product on for eight hours before rinsing it off. Overnight is a good length of time. When it is rinsed off the color has already tinted your skin. For me there were no streaks, only a light brown color all over my legs.

While I didn’t see any difference in cellulite appearance, I still like this product because of the scent and the ease of application. And, the final result definitely meets my approval. The color is good and there are no streaks.

The product contains Guarana, an ingredient that is common in cellulite creams, so after time it might do something to change the look of cellulite, but I wouldn’t recommend this product solely for that reason. If you want a healthy easy-to-apply self-tanner with a tropical scent, then this is a product for you.

There are several options in the Skinny Tan line of self-tanning products. Check their website.

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