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We have all had days when our eyes ache or are puffy. Whether it’s from lack of sleep, headaches, or allergies, eyes are usually the first to be affected. The solution is to place a cool cloth on your eyes while you lay down. (That’s what I usually do.) Or put an ice pack over your eyes. But both of those remedies require the user to stay put and lying down. The new FreezeFrames Cool Care Eyewear addresses this problem in a new way.

The FreezeFrames are sunglasses with magnets placed inside the frames for the small magnetic gel pads that accompany the glasses. After placing the gel pads in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes (or a glass of ice), they are ready to use. Simply attach them to the inside of the glasses and that’s it. When the glasses are put in place, the user can now go out into the world and still get the benefits of cooling compression in the eye area.

The gel pads attach to the inside upper and lower area of the sunglasses and do not impede sight. The cooling pads touch the face on the upper and lower areas around the eyes. There are also magnets on the temple areas so you can also place the gel pads there for cooling compression on the sides of your eyes/face.

So why is this something people might need when a cool cloth or ice pack will do the same thing? It allows the user to get up and out of the house. If you have to walk your kids to school and you wake up with swollen eyes or a headache, you can’t stop your life to stay in bed for an additional 20 minutes while you put a cool cloth or ice pack on your eyes. The FreezeFrames are there for those times when you simply need to get out and get on with your life, while at the same time soothing tired, sore, or swollen eyes.

They are comfortable however I wouldn’t recommend using them all day long as your regular sunglasses. These glasses are for a specific purpose, however if you happen to have them with you and have forgotten your everyday sunglasses, simply remove the gel pads and you have a pair of dark glasses on hand.

The FreezeFrames are also good for when you go to a spa. They cool down your eyes while you are sitting in a steam room or sauna.

Eyestrain is getting more and more common with our long use of computers. After a day at the office, put on the FreezeFrames and drive home while your eyes are getting a cooling treatment. So, the glasses are beneficial after working on your computer. When you leave your desk to walk down the street for cup of a coffee or out to the food truck, wear the glasses and no one will know that you are treating and comforting your eyes.

These sunglasses were invented by a nurse who saw the need for patients to have cool compression on their eyes but still needed to be upright. The FreezeFrames come with one pair of sunglasses, four reusable gel pads, a freezer pouch in which to store the pads while in the freezer, and one thermal travel case as an introductory bonus. They are available exclusively online at their website. They are for ages 8+.


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