P'kolino Cargo Plane Balancer


Balance the plane on the air-base and load cargo boxes one by one. Careful, some are larger and heavier than others. You will need to load the cargo correctly to keep the plane in flight.

The air-base is two pieces.  For an easier go, balance the plane on one air-base to fly closer to the ground. Once that flight plan has been aced, add the second air base; and experience the added challenge of flying higher. Can you load all the cargo on the wings while keeping it flying!

What? You need a greater challenge?!  OK Ace. Try flying on one engine!  Off center the plane by putting an engine on the base.  Use the cargo blocks to balance the wings and level off your flight path.
This playful P’kolino toy improves fine motor skills, increases understanding of weight distribution and balance…and fuels the imagination.