The Powair Pet Family!

Price:Items are Individually Priced

Our PowAir Pet Safe formula was developed 25 years ago and is sold worldwide! It consists of a proprietary blend of 40 essential oils and probiotics, not found in any other product on the market. When released into any pet stain or odor, science goes to work and destroys the odor molecules. Most other products have chemicals, alcohol or dioxides that are not safe for your pet, and do not destroy odors as quickly and effectively as PowAir. Safely use PowAir products around your pets with confidence. 100% guaranteed to work… even on a skunked dog.

– Litter Box Odor Block – $9.98
– Pet Room Odor Gel – $10.95
– Pet Safe Dog Smell Spray – $8.97
– Pet Safe Stain & Odor – (650ml $14.99) (500ml $12.99)

Available at fine pet stores worldwide!