New Age Pet Murphy Bed


New Age Pet Murphy Bed featuring memory foam – available in two sizes and two colors. The unique New Age Pet Habitat n Home Murphy Pet Bed is an attractive cabinet that discretely houses your canine companion’s favorite sleeping space. A front facade that looks like two cabinet doors and a drawer actually pulls down to reveal a spacious hybrid memory foam mattress that’s perfect for dogs sized 75 pounds and up. It’s got a durable and comfortable cover that zippers off for easy maintenance. And when your dog slinks out of his or her slumber, you can slide the mattress space back into the cabinet — removing the clutter of an otherwise present eyesore. New Age Pet focuses on utlizing their proprietary Ecoflex material to produce high quality pet products that are Eco Friendly. The material which is blend of plastic and recycled wood creates products that look and feel like home furnishings and stand up to the wear and tear of all animals. Ecoflex does not warp, root or rust, is non absorbent so misses and accidents by your 4 legged family members wont ruin the furniture, all all our indoor products have dual purposes so that the limited space in your home is fully optimized. We have been in business for over 10 years and have fantastic warranties on all our products.