K9 CarFence TLC-2X


The K9 CarFence TLC-2X is a 3-sided dog safety system that has been designed for cars with both adjustable and non-adjustable headrests, for front and back seats. Easy to install with our unique slip on cover and easy quick connectors makes the TLC-2X a snap to use.

Our product design team and manufacturer carefully selected the materials: the mesh netting, the straps, buckles and threads to make the TLC-2X strong and durable — meaning crash test worthy. And it is. With a very impressive performance — the TLC-2X passed an independent crash test. With the unique patented K9 CarFence, your dogs and puppies easily become good traveling companions with you on trips around town or on long vacation drives. How? Your dogs ride stress free. No harnesses or confining seats. The K9 CarFence is a soft roomy den where dogs feel safe and calm. The netting allows them to see you and the great outdoors. It cradles and protects in sudden stops. The TLC – 2X has been designed to provide the ultimate in dog safety on both around town and vacation drives.

Where to Purchase: k9carfence.com