Bio-Magnetic Lumbo-Sacral Support Belt: BMS-511


Raising kids can be tough on your back. Awkward lifting from cribs and car seats often leads to lower back pain. Sometimes parents can use a little extra support. The MAXAR Bio-Magnetic Lower Back Support Belt is engineered to provide comfortable support of your back. This revolutionary Patent Pending back support uses powerful magnets for pain management and Far Infrared materials to help retain body heat and promote increased blood circulation. Bio-Magnetic Therapy is recommended by most experts as an effective drug free alternative for pain reduction and rehabilitation after back surgeries and injuries. Front and rear mesh pockets can be used for moldable thermoplastic inserts or hot/cold therapy packs.


  • Breathable construction/Soft Cotton lining for all day comfort
  • 20 back/6 front magnets create powerful full torso 3D Bio-Magnetic field
  • Far Infrared fabric to retain body heat
  • Front & Rear mesh pockets for inserts or hot/cold therapy gel packs
  • 6.5 inches wide/Double pull adjustment for precise fit and desired support