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Before he was Charles in Charge, Scott Baio was Chachi in the popular sitcom Happy Days. And after he was Tommy Bradford in the TV series Eight is Enough Willie Aames was Buddy Lembeck in Charles in Charge. However, before these two teen stars joined forced in Charles in Charge, they teamed up in the 1982 teen comedy film Zapped!

Zapped it the story of Barnie (Baio), a high school science nerd whose experiment goes awry leaving him with a supernatural talent. He has the ability to move things with his mind. When his scheming best friend Peyton (Aames) learns about this, he plots to use his buddy’s talent to impress a girl and for financial gain.

Peyton has no morals. He will do and say anything to get the class sexpot (Heather Thomas). Barnie is only interested in the scientific aspect of his newfound ability, but when pushed far enough, he uses it for fun and also personal gain. Imagine the school’s losing baseball team finally winning due to their amazing – and instant – talents. But it is Barnie who is making the ball go farther and his teammates jump higher than normal to catch the ball. You get the idea. It is quite a feat for these ballplayers.

In the meantime, Bernadette (Felice Schachter) learns about Barnie’s new talent and teams up with him for the advancement of science. But that’s not all their friendship offers. For the first time in his life Barnie has a girlfriend and Bernadette is his perfect partner. That is until Peyton talks his buddy into spending the night at a frat house where Barnie makes the roulette wheel stop in their favor. Yep, Peyton is not the best influence on this guy, but their friendship is deep and they really do care about each other.

This is a whacky teen story filled with high school antics combined with the supernatural talent of this science nerd with a heart of gold. There are plenty of bare breasts due to Barnie’s ability to unbutton sweaters and blouses with his mind.

Zapped! has some cute elements, however Peyton is an obnoxious character that viewers will undoubtedly dislike to the core. Barnie, on the other hand, is well meaning and good hearted.

Zapped! is rated R due to nudity, drugs, and sexual situations.

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