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Sutton Foster_HI-RESYounger is the brainchild of Darren Star, the man behind Sex and the City, and we all know how popular that series became. It had wit, sarcasm, cuteness, and charm, which are all wrapped together in this new series as well.


The show focuses on a 40 something year old woman (Foster) who realizes the only way she can get back into the job market after raising her child and being a homemaker, is to make herself into a 20 something year old. With the help of her friend (Mazur), she manages to do that while trying to figure out how to act younger and feel confident in her new persona.


At the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour, Sutton Foster admitted, “I don’t think I would ever want to go back unless I could keep everything that I’ve learned.” She thought about her personal past in the entertainment business. “I have no regrets. I don’t believe in any of them. I’m so happy that I started off doing cattle calls, because I literally climbed the ladder. And I don’t think I would be the performer and the person I am today if I hadn’t have had that path, if it had been easy from the beginning. So it’s interesting to play a character where I get to sort of experience my 20s again sort of vicariously, which is fun.” In truth, Sutton will have just turned 40 when the show premiers.


On the other hand, Hilary Duff is 27 and joked “I had to lie to get this role. “ She said, “I think that there’s a way to embrace every age that we go through. And I think that working on this show is amazing because it has so much in it for everyone.”



Mazur said, “I think in all businesses, whether you’re the plumber or whether it’s Hollywood, there’s discrimination against men and women in aging.”


As for Foster, she is enjoying the experience of this series. “When this came along, I read the script and I thought I can do that. And it’s really, really fun to be able to have all these different relationships with the characters and to be able to sort of bounce back and forth of how Hilary and I’s characters interact or Debi and Miriam [Shor] and Nico [Tortorella]. It’s like I get to sort of be a chameleon, which has been really, really fun, but also stressful.” While her character is playing 20 something with some characters, she is her forty something self with others. That’s the fun of it for Foster.


This show definitely has the potential to be a hit. With the people behind the cameras and the talent in front, there is plenty here to make a series that will be endeared by several generations of viewers.


Younger premiers Tuesday, March 31, 2015 on TV Land.


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