Walt Disney World introduces two new night shows

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No one can put on a fireworks show like Disney. And now the great Imagineers have added a laser show to accompany the fireworks, or possibly the fireworks to accompany the laser show. Whatever way you look at it, “Happily Ever After” is the most amazing night show I have seen, to date.
When the sun goes down Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom becomes a screen for the big event. During the show the castle morphs into a whole lot of different things. Clips from many memorable Disney films light up the castle, which changes for each film. The castle, which is normally white, takes on several personalities during this amazing show. It moves, the towers spin, and it is simply awe-inspiring. If you don’t hear all the cheers and “wows” being uttered by those viewing this amazing spectacle, you are not in the Magic Kingdom.

While the castle is changing and characters we all know and love are highlighted on the walls, fireworks accompany the scenes and go right along with the visuals. For instance, when Merida shoots her arrow, it manifests into a big burst in the sky.
Tiana, the characters from Toy Story, Up, Moana, Frozen, The Lion King and scenes from so many other films are shown while laser lights and fireworks accompany the spectacular. The projection show would be amazing in itself as would the fireworks show, but add them together and you get something that is extraordinary.
To say this is a “must see” is an understatement. It is a “must see again” event. There is so much going on that there is too much to take in in one viewing. However if you only have on night to spend at Walt Disney World, by all means, this is the place to spend it. This show surpasses everything else Disney has produced to date. After seeing this the little fireworks show in your home town on July 4th will seem like a major disappointment (Apologies to all the hard workers in all the towns across America). But no one can put on a spectacle like the folks at Disney. And look for Tinkerbell near the end of the show as she flies from the castle off to Neverland, or Pixie Hollow, or wherever she flies off to.
Their second new laser show is “Once Upon a Time” that uses “projection-mapping technology” to also show scenes from Disney classics on the iconic castle. Mrs. Potts begins the show by telling Chip some bedtime stories, and they are projected onto the castle walls. The stories immerse viewers in the visuals, as like in “Happily Ever After.” The effects are spectacular and the show is another memorable experience for guests to the Magic Kingdom.

Ariel, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Cinderella, Anna, Elsa, Heffalumps and Woozles, Belle and the Beast, Peter Pan, and others are projected onto the castle, which turns into some remarkable scenes. It is truly amazing to see how the castle transforms to show the various scenes.
“Happily Ever After” and “Once Upon a Time” are definitely major advancements in nightly shows and give guests to the Magic Kingdom a magical end to a magical day.

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