Two tense dramas from Twilight Time now on Blu-ray

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Twilight Time has just released two dramas with great casts and plenty of tension.

The Bridge at Remagen
The Bridge at Remagen is a World War II story based on an actual event. This 1969 movie stars George Segal, Ben Gazzara, and Robert Vaughn.

It’s the waning days of the war. Only one of the bridges on the Rhine remains. The last one is at Remagen, and it is the target of both the Allies and the Germans. The Allies want it so they can have access over the river. The Germans want to destroy it to keep the Allies out, or at least make it more difficult for them to cross the Rhine.

Lt. Hartman (Segal) is an affable man. He is also the most alert when it comes to second-guessing the Germans. He looks out for his men and tries his best not to put them in danger, but this is war and they face the enemy at every turn.

Sgt. Angelo (Gazzara) is also duty-minded. He has one flaw. He steals from dead bodies. He and Hartman are a good team.

On the other side of the river Major Kreuger (Vaughn) is tasked with blowing up the bridge. He knows if he blows up the bridge, plenty of Germans will be trapped on the wrong side. So he defies orders and waits until the last minute to give the order. It’s a little daunting to see Vaughn as a Nazi.

When Hartman and his men finally reach the bridge after plenty of battles along the way, they are put in a difficult situation. They must cut all the explosive cables put there by the Nazis. But by doing so, if the bridge explodes, they will be trapped in enemy territory.

This is a true story but the movie is quite slow. The best part about it is George Segal. The movie depicts this chapter in history from both sides.

Hell and High Water
Hell and High Water is a 1954 film starring Richard Widmark as a former World War II Navy captain who is tasked with taking a submarine to the northern Pacific to stop what could be the start of World War III.

The story is interesting. The world’s top nuclear scientists have been disappearing and thought to have been taken by or defected to the USSR. But they have secretly been congregating in Japan where they have discovered the Chinese are about to explode a nuclear bomb somewhere in the Pacific.

Captain Jones (Widmark) leads his crew into dangerous territory, with two scientists on board the sub. Denise Montel (Bella Darvi) and Professor Montel (Victor Francen) are along to collect information about the nuclear activities taking place on a remote island.

Once they have concluded their worst fears have been realized and the Chinese indeed are about to explode a nuclear bomb, everything changes. Jones discovers what the Chinese ultimately have in mind and that could be the end of civilization.

This is an interesting story and for those who grew up during the Cold War, it hits close to home.

A bonus feature on the Blu-ray is a documentary about the life and career of Richard Widmark. Most people are unaware of his life. This is an enlightening documentary, with interviews with his daughter and others. It’s definitely something worth watching.

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