Two DVD documentaries examine the royal family

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Princess Diana: A Life After Death and Harry & Meghan: A Very Modern Romance look at the lives of these people and how they have affected the royal family.

Princess Diana: A Life After Death was produced in 2018. With interviews with people who knew her and who worked with her, the film summarizes the impact Diana had on the royal family as well as the world. Described as the first icon of that generation, Diana’s tragic death has sustained her in the hearts and minds of people around the world.

Diana went outside of the royal guidelines and gave true compassion to the causes in which she believed. She spoke up about issues that would have been taboo for royals before her. She did not hesitate to bring HIV/AIDS, mental illness, eating disorders, and landmines to the headlines. These issues were not what royals discussed – before Diana. But she broke the mold. And now, her bravery and compassion are guiding the next generation of royals.

Harry & Meghan: A Very Modern Romance was also produced in 2018. This film looks at the lives of both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before they were married. In the aftermath of their engagement, the strength and work of both of these people are discussed. The introduction of Meghan into the royal family went one step further to modernize the brand and make it more down-to-earth, something Diana began when she was alive.

This documentary also looks at how the couple complements each other and brings out each other’s strengths. With each of them already on the road to helping and making life better for people in areas around the world, their joint efforts and their titles work to raise their clout. The film also looks at how far the royals have come in the years since the abdication of a king who wanted to marry a divorced American woman. Meghan was not only a divorcee and an American, but she was also an actress, and bringing those aspects into the British Royal Family was a giant leap for them.

Royal watchers will undoubtedly enjoy going down memory lane and seeing how Diana’s legacy has impacted the monarchy and the commonwealth over two decades after her death. With her two sons now taking on their roles and responsibilities, it is perhaps a good time to look back at her life and the times of the royal family in the 21st century.

Neither one of these films is rated but they are both suitable for all ages.

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