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1880’s Kansas was a lawless region. Traded is a film set in that time and produced in the style of the old westerns, with plenty of blood and shoot-em-ups. Michael Pare stars in this gritty story of a man’s love for his family and determination to get revenge.

Clay Travis (Pare) is a former gunslinger with a checkered past. He is now a loving husband and father, and rancher. His family means everything to him, so when his 17-year-old daughter Lily (Brittany Elizabeth Williams) is abducted, he sets out to find her and bring her home.

This is a time when women were thought of as property and used as sex slaves for the raucous men who were living in the wild region. These underground sex rings were part of life in the towns. Lily was taken for this purpose however Clay learns she was “traded” to another man for a bell. Is your blood pressure rising yet? It should be. This story is a haunting one.

Clay continues to put the clues together in his hunt for his daughter. Along the way he meets a sensitive bartender (Kris Kristofferson) who tells him everyone has two wolves inside of them – a loving and forgiving one and an evil and revengeful one. The one that survives is the one that is fed.

Country Music Hall of Famer Trace Adkins plays the creepy man who traded Lily for a bell for his truck. Martin Kove and Tom Sizemore play some of the other lawless and uncaring men who cross paths with Clay.

This is truly a gritty western in the old Sergio Leone style. It’s interesting to see Pare in this role and he pulls of the character of a tough sharpshooter with a heart. He never flinches when he shoots someone, and he does shoot a lot of men. He is convincing as a father who will do anything to get his daughter back, which he just about does.

Kristofferson is downright loveable, if you can say that about a hard-nosed man with feelings, as he watches what unravels before him then finally takes a stand.

The bonus feature on the Blu-ray is a look at the cast and the making of the film. The actors discuss working with each other and especially working with icon Kristofferson. The filmmakers discuss the story and the location shoots. There are also two deleted scenes.

Traded is not rated however it is not for young viewers. It is bloody, gruesome at times, has plenty of unsuitable language, sex, a little nudity, and an adult theme.

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