'Torah Codes: End to Darkness' DVD

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The Torah is the first five books of the Bible. Torah Codes: End to Darkness examines the possible hidden codes within the text with alarming results.

Watching this film is eye opening, to say the least. Scholars dissect what they believe to be hidden codes within the Bible and what is revealed is astounding. How could things happening today be part of this three thousand year-old text?

Even before Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code hit the shelves and then the big screen, people have been looking at hidden codes within ancient texts and paintings. The Knights Templar seemed to be ground zero for ancient codes. But in the 1970s the Torah Codes revealed that thousands of years ago prophecies were written and they have and are coming true.

The film looks at several incidents including 9/11. Were there clues in the codes? And what about life in Israel today? This film closely examines how Hamas and Hezbollah are threatening the country and how much of this is foreseen in the Bible through the Torah Codes.

“End to Darkness” symbolizes the beginning of understanding and unlocking the Torah Codes. Prior to modern computers it was difficult to see everything laid out in the texts. Now, with our technical advancements, it is easier to dissect the hidden codes and unravel the messages.

Exhaustive studies have gone into the Torah Codes. Not only does the film describe the history of studying the codes, it also looks at some pretty amazing incidents that have occurred in Israel in recent years. The story of the missing field is enough to make anyone believe in miracles. And then add the story of how a rocket was heading straight for Israel and at the last minute a gust of wind blew it into the Mediterranean. Was it coincidence or a miracle?

The Torah Codes are encoded with hidden information about life in today’s world. How is that possible?

The Torah, or first five books of the Bible, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, is filled with miracles. Does it really include hidden codes? And if so, why do they basically begin in the 1970s? Could it be that those who encoded the text knew that was when our technology would be advanced enough to decode it?

The Torah is not a crystal ball nor should it be considered one…at this time. More information and study is needed. However, it is amazing to see what has been discovered within the text and opens the world to more discoveries.

Torah Codes: End to Darkness is truly and amazing documentary that opens up a new world within the Bible.