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In this 1989 film, Tom Selleck touches viewers’ hearts when he encounters two bad cops. An Innocent Man is the story of Jimmy Rainwood, a long-time and trusted mechanic for American Airlines. He and his wife Kate (Laila Robins) live a simple and loving life. They have not worries until everything is turned upside down.

Mike and Danny (David Rasche and Richard Young) are two detectives in the LAPD. They are highly decorated and manage to bust a lot of drug deals. But they also skim off the top and they are in the pocket of one of the biggest drug lords in the city. When they get a tip about a drug deal, Mike mixes up the address and the two barge into Jimmy’s house. When they realize they have shot an innocent man, their careers could be in jeopardy so they frame him and after a trial where he maintains his innocence, he is sent to prison.

In prison Jimmy’s kind nature is put to the test. Under the guidance and friendship of another inmate, Virgil Cane (F. Murray Abraham), Jimmy must toughen up and do things he never would have imagined in the past in order to survive prison life.

Meanwhile, Kate is doing everything in her power to persuade the IA officer (Badja Djola) that the two cops framed her husband. He knows she is right but cannot get the proof he needs to charge them.

After three years, Jimmy is released and tries to go back to his old life, but Mike and Danny see to it that that is not going to happen. They threaten him and Kate. After awhile Jimmy has had enough. It’s then when he must dig down inside himself, with the help of Virgil Cane, to plan how to take down the two crooked cops.

This is an intense story that will have viewers’ emotions spread across the spectrum. On one side they will be empathetic for Jimmy and Kate, and on the other side they will feel nothing but loathing for Mike and Danny.

There are two new interview bonus features on this Blu-ray. One is with Laila Robins who discusses her role and how she got the part and beat out another actress who went on to have a major acting career. The other interview is with David Rasche who said he didn’t want to play that purely evil character.

Tom Selleck’s career has never waned. He was in the popular 1979 TV Mini-series The Scaketts, starred as Magnum, P.I. from 1980-1988, was one of the three men in the 3 Men and a Baby franchise, starred in TV and feature films, appeared as Monica’s boyfriend for 10 episodes in Friends, stars as Jesse Stone in that franchise, and is currently starring in the hit drama Blue Bloods.

An Innocent Man is rated R and is now available on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber. It’s definitely not for kids but adults will enjoy this intense drama that will leave them with a feeling of karma! (oops…was that a spoiler?)

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