Tom Cruise soars in ‘Top Gun’ on 4K

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After over 30 years, the Tom Cruise film Top Gun continues to entertain and inspire viewers, and later this year the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick will add to the excitement generated in the original film. Before the new film is released, it is time to revisit the 1986 movie, this time in glorious 4K Ultra High Definition.

Top Gun is the story of an elite group of naval aviators training in the legendary Miramar Elite Fighter School. It is here where Pete, aka Maverick, (Cruise) comes along with his partner Goose (Anthony Edwards). There they come up against Iceman (Val Kilmer), Cougar (John Stockwell), Wolfman (Barry Tubb), Slider (Rick Rossovich), and others who are all competing for the trophy to see who is the best in their class. Viper (Tom Skerritt) is the instructor along with Charlie (Kelly McGillis), the civilian expert.

Maverick is cocky, a trait that often gets him in trouble, but he is a great pilot. If he would keep his ego in check he could be the best.

A marvelous soundtrack that became the soundtrack to acquire that year accompanies the movie. Movie lovers and music lovers alike enjoyed the songs that added to the story and the enjoyment of the film. The song “Take My Breath Away” won the Oscar that year for best original song.

Scenes and quotes from the film also have become part of pop culture. “I have the need. The need for speed.” is one phrase that is popular to this day. And the song sung by Cruise to McGillis when they first meet in the bar (“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling) always brings back memories of that scene when people hear it now.

The flying and the personalities of the characters are the mainstay of the movie. And when Maverick suffers a tragedy and a crisis of conscious, it is unclear whether he will regain his former glory.

Both Cruise and Kilmer return this year for Top Gun: Maverick although with the Covid-19 crisis it is not definite whether it will premier in theaters as originally scheduled or VOD. They might even hold it for after the virus crisis however it has been long awaited so it will probably be available in some form this year.

The 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital is the best way to reconnect with the original film. The colors are brighter and the picture is sharper. Plus the sound is just as brilliant as it was intended to be in the theaters.

There are two bonus features on the new 4K. The first is a look back by Cruise, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and some cast members from the sequel who discuss the legacy of the original film. There is no doubt it had an impact on moviegoers and represents some of the best films of the decade.

In another bonus feature Cruise discusses how when he was young he wanted to be an aviator and an actor. Well, with this film he was able to do both, kind of. He also talks about making the sequel and the fun it was with the actual pilots. Who said work has to be boring?

Top Gun is now available on 4K.

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