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THOMCover_300dpiThunder and the House of Magic is a fun and humorous tale of one sweet little kitten. After being abandoned on the street by his family, the kitten does not know where to turn or what to do. He knows nothing of life on the street. Then he wanders into an old Victorian house where he eventually finds a new home and family.


The house is owned by Lawrence, an old magician who lives there with his rabbit named Jack and his mouse named Maggie. Lawrence names the kitten Thunder and makes him part of the family. Jack and Maggie have other ideas. They don’t want an interloper in the house and do everything they can to get him to leave, including threatening the poor little fellow.


Not only does Lawrence live with the two animals and a pair of lovebirds, but there are others in the family as well. He is a great magician and has several inanimate objects, which, well, are not inanimate any more. There is a gumball machine, a light bulb, a toy ballerina, a phone, a drum-playing monkey toy, a camera and many others that have been given life and feelings and the ability to move around. It’s these enchanted objects that create the fun of the film, while little Thunder tries his best to become part of the family and part of Lawrence’s magic act.


Due to an unfortunate accident, Lawrence winds up in the hospital and his nephew Daniel schemes to take control of his uncle’s possessions and life. Daniel gets power of attorney and puts the mansion up for sale while Lawrence is laid up in the hospital, unable to do anything for himself. But back at the house the rest of the “family” pulls together to keep prospective buyers from taking their home.

Whenever a buyer gets into the house, the objects “haunt” it and eventually no one wants to buy it. With weird things happening inside, who would want to buy a house like that? It’s up to Thunder and the gang to keep others out until Lawrence is well enough to come home. But Daniel’s evil ways put the entire family in danger.

It’s Thunder to the rescue, again and again, proving he is not only smart and reliable, but also part of the family. He loves everyone in the house and won’t let anyone hurt any of them.


With the gizmos and gadgets, as well as the animals, this is a cute and clever animated movie for the entire family. The magic inside the house is matched by the heartening story of this one little kitten who risks everything for his new family. Thunder is an endearing character.


The bonus features include several “making of” featurettes about the story and the animation.
Thunder and the House of Magic is not rated but it is for all ages. It does contain some mild cartoon violence.


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