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piratefairyFaith, trust, and Pixie dust. We’ve all heard that’s what’s needed to fly. So what happens when the Pixie dust is mismanaged? The Pirate Fairy is the most magical and adventurous movie yet in the fairies film franchise.


Zarina is a dust-keeper fairy. She is a little unconventional and always likes to experiment with the Pixie dust. She is described as “The Tinker Bell of the dust keepers.” When her experiment goes awry, she loses her job and leaves Pixie Hollow in a huff.


A year later Zarina unobtrusively returns during the magical festival and manages to put the entirety of Pixie Hollow to sleep under the spell of poppies. Well, almost the entire population of Pixie Hollow. Tink, Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, Vidia, and Fawn hide and are unaffected by the poppies. When they realize Zarina has stolen the Blue Pixie Dust – the dust that is required to make more Pixie Dust – they take off after her. Their pursuit of Zarina takes them to an adventure filled with danger, excitement, and what else? Pixie Dust.


Since departing Pixie Hollow a year earlier, Zarina has become the captain of a pirate ship, luring the pirates with her plan of stealing the blue dust and making their ship fly. With a flying ship they will be able to plunder towns all around the world.

Tinker Bell and her friends must not let the pirates escape with the Blue Pixie Dust. Pixie Hollow needs that dust. And, the fairies want their friend Zarina back too. But this rescue is not going to be easy for the little fairies. Their magic abilities have been switched and they must learn to do different things. For instance, Rosetta is now an animal fairy and Tinker Bell is a water fairy.


Now, add the fact that a baby crocodile thinks Rosetta is his mother, and the pirate ship is eventually taken over by Captain Hook, and things get really interesting.


This movie brings in some characters from Peter Pan story and gives viewers a hint about their pasts. It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together to create a full picture. And this film also explores more areas of Neverland than the previous fairy films ever have. The seas, Skull Rock, and more of this magical and memorable land are part of this adventure.
While this film focuses on the seven fairies, James (aka the future Captain Hook), and little Crocky, viewers are also treated to other characters from past fairy films, including Tink’s sister Periwinkle.


Bonus features on the Blu-ray include a look at the legend of Neverland. We all know how to find it – go to the second star to the right then on until morning. Neverland is an interesting place filled with many areas, and some are explored in this story. Little Crocky is a cute new character and a “Croc-u-mentary” is a funny yet educational documentary about real life crocodiles. A few deleted scenes (unfinished) are included as well as a featurette about voicing the characters.


And for fairy lovers, there are two delightful pirate-themed shorts: Aaarrgh and Treasure Chest feature some of the fairies in the movie in two cute little short films.


The Pirate Fairy is all about “Pixie Dust Alchemy.” This dust is amazing stuff and can do all kinds of things. Just don’t play with it or you might get into trouble, as Zarina discovered.


The Pirate Fairy is perhaps the most magical fairy film to date. It’s colorful, adventurous, and filled with fairy fun and charm. It’s rated G for everyone!  Argh, matey! This is definitely a keeper and an instant family classic.


Pirate Fairy


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