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The classic film The Ten Commandments is now available on 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray, which makes a big difference when viewing this epic film. The story of Moses is timeless. Commemorating the 65th anniversary of Cecil B. De Mille’s wonderful film is this release on 4K HD, which includes the stunning 4K disc along with two Blu-ray discs for parts one and two.

Charleston Heston’s performance of Moses is looked at as one of the best portrayals of a biblical icon, and the best portrayal of Moses. Throughout the rest of his life Heston was pretty much synonymous with Moses that is how much the film has been revered over the years.

The bonus features include commentary by Katherine Orrison who wrote “Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. De Mille’s Epic The Ten Commandments.” The 4K disc has the Ultra High Definition version of the movie. One Blu-ray disc includes part one of the film in the High Definition and the second Blu-ray disc includes part two. There is a bonus feature with the New York premiere showing footage that was taken during that event. It’s quite entertaining to see the glamorous stars arriving for this event. Movie trailers are also included.

The final bonus feature is a “making of” short that was meant as a trailer in the past. This is an interesting look at the production and the story of Moses. De Mille explains how some artists have portrayed Moses with horns, however the Hebrew word from the Bible also means rays of light and many artists have portrayed Moses with beautiful rays of light coming out of his head. As De Mille says, there was a “lifetime between the baby in the basket” and Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. Though these years are excluded from the Bible, the filmmakers had to research historic documents to fill in those eventful years. In this 10-minute short, the various characters are introduced and De Mille said they filmed the movie “on the very ground that Moses walked.” For this filmmaker, Moses’ life is “one of the greatest adventure stories.” This 10-minute short is a great introduction to the story of Moses and the Exodus.

The Ten Commandments stars an impressive array of actors from the past: Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, Edward G. Robinson, Nina Foch, Martha Scott, Cedric Hardwicke, John Derek, Debra Paget, Vincent Price, John Carradine, Yvonne De Carlo, and many more. This is a great film for family viewing.

The Ten Commandments is rated G. This 4K version is spectacular.

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