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The royal couple we all know as William and Kate is the future of the British monarchy. Prince William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge are taking on more and more responsibilities as Queen Elizabeth ages and reduced some of her duties. Prince Charles is next in line, and then the focus turns to William and Kate. The new four-part series on True Royalty TV examines their lives and looks at their future.

“William and Kate: The Early Years” examines their childhoods and school years. Their meeting at University was the beginning of their love affair that has lasted through the years. They did have a couple mini-separations throughout the years but managed to find their way back to each other. William wanted to make sure Kate knew what life she would lead and what would be expected of her if she decided to join the Royal family. He was thoughtful and gave her the time to discover what her future would be if they married. She took it on with gusto and determination, unlike Meghan who decided to bolt from the family at the first sign of trouble. Kate’s allegiance to William and the monarchy and Great Britain puts her in good stead with the public.

“William and Kate: The Wedding” examines the preparations and event that set the couple on their way to being the future King and Queen of Britain. All aspects of their wedding and the big day itself are looked at as viewers are transported back to that historic day.

“William and Kate: The Baby Years” looks at their lives as young parents. George is the next in line to the throne and Charlotte follows him even though she is a girl. The new law changed the succession allowing girls to retain their place in line. Had Charlotte been born before George, she would be the next in line after her father whereas in the past the males had priority over females. At least the monarchy is changing with the times!

“William and Kate: The Future” is an interesting look at what is ahead for this family. Both William and Kate have charities that are close to their hearts and will continue to be patrons of those organizations. While Kate might be compared to Princess Diana in many ways, she is forging her own path in the family and making her own mark on the establishment. Her parents are definitely front and center in their lives, which is a change from the past where those who joined the royal family basically put their own families aside in reference to the royal family. Kate and William are very close to her parents who have been instrumental in their lives.

Americans are enthralled with the royals, especially the young royals. Princess Diana captured the hearts of Americans and brought the monarchy back onto front pages and magazine covers. While Americans are happy they are not part of a monarchy, the lives of these people are interesting and definitely entertaining.

This four-part series is available on True Royalty TV along with many other shows about royals both in Britain and the world. Check out their website for subscription prices and promotions.

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