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Spectacular Arctic settings and scenery highlight this sensitive story of one boy who undertakes a special mission. The Journey Home stars Dakota Goyo as Luke, a boy with heart.

When Luke discovers a polar bear in the shed, he is annoyed with the authorities who tranquilize the animal and relocate it a hundred miles away from the town. But as soon as they remove the animal from his property, Luke comes across something else – the bear’s cub. Luke decides to take it upon himself to get the little guy to where his mother has been taken. He knows the cub is too young to survive alone and if he tells the authorities, they will send it to a zoo. Luke can’t let that happen. He knows he has to get the cub back to his mother.

Without any hesitation, Luke sets off to the North and the vast area where the mother has been relocated. He tries to enlist the help of Muktuk (Goran Visnjic), a family friend and the best guide in the area, but the man insists the journey would be too hazardous and sends the boy home. But Luke knows what he must do and takes the cub regardless of all the warnings.

With freezing temperatures, approaching storms and melting ice, Luke confronts one obstacle after another. It isn’t long before Muktuk joins him but soon the shifting ice separates them and Muktuk goes back to town for help.

With a strong sense of duty and love for the cub, Luke forges on. He confronts more difficulties yet remains steadfast about reuniting the cub with his mother. Even frostbite and near starvation isn’t enough to deter the young man.

Luke’s mother (Bridget Moynahan) sets out in a plane to locate her son, but with the hazardous weather conditions the search party misses the boy. Regardless of all the difficulties he faces, Luke never gives up. He has one goal and that is to get the cub back to his mother.

Dakota Goyo won a best young actor award and has been nominated for other awards in his budding career. Goran Visnjic co-stars in Extant and also played Dr. Luka Kovac from 1999-2008 in the hit series ER. And Bridget Moynahan currently co-stars as Erin Reagan-Boyle in the series Blue Bloods.

Note for parents: While the mother bear and the cub are not harmed in this story and there is a very happy outcome, there are scenes of dead animals – after all, this is the reality of life – so keep this in mind when showing the film to your children. It is an inspiring story and the finale will have viewers feeling satisfied and content.

The Journey Home is an entertaining film for the entire family. It’s rated PG for hazardous adventure action, a disturbing image, language and a rude gesture.

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