‘The Croods: A New Age’ is a true delight

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The 2013 film The Croods was a fun film for kids and adults. Now The Croods: A New Age reunites the characters and the voice talent for a new look at the prehistoric family along with some new friends.

In this new adventure Grug (Nicolas Cage), Ugga (Catherine Keener), Thunk (Clark Duke), Sandy (Kailey Crawford), Eep (Emma Stone), Guy (Ryan Reynolds), and Belt (Chris Sanders), meet a new group of cave people, only this new family is different. They are more advanced and live in a tree rather than a cave. They have created tools to help with their lives. They are the Bettermans. There is the father, Phil (Peter Dinklage), the mother, Hope (Leslie Mann), and daughter Dawn (Kelly Marie Tran) along with Dawn’s sash (James Ryan).

The Bettermans were friends of Guy’s family when he was a young boy, and the reunion between them is a heartwarming surprise for Guy. Eep and Dawn become best friends. After all, neither of them has had a girlfriend before. They bond immediately.

Meanwhile, Grug cannot conform to this new way of living. He misses sleeping in a pile. With the Bettermans everyone has their own bed. So Grug decides his family must move on, but Guy and Eep want to stay.

Then the whole thing blows up when a monster, and some punch monkeys attack. Soon it is up to the women to save the men who have been taken by the monster. Girl power is on display as the four women, along with Thunk, use their brains and their brawn to come to the rescue.

If you are 4K compatible, by all means get the 4K edition. The colors are bright and beautiful and the visuals are stunning. Unlike the original movie, this sequel is filled with plenty of colors and even more imagination, if you can believe it. The modernizations made by the Bettermans are quite ingenious and when you add the Croods to the mix, everything is bumped up a notch. They are a loveable family with their own way of living. Now they must adjust to a more comfortable life created by the Bettermans. Can they hack it with the “modern” conveniences? Just try to stop them!

There are some fun bonus features on the disc, including a gag reel with the voice talent creating their memorable sounds. There are two short films with the characters and some deleted scenes. A family album and plenty more additions make this a fun-filled disc for the entire family.

The Croods: A New Adventure is rated G. It is a wonderful and comical way for families to spend an evening together.

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