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rainBased on a true story, this heartening movie stars Lacey Chabert and Warren Christie. The Color of Rain is the story of two parents who experience the loss of their spouses just six weeks apart from each other. Together they find a way to move on with their lives and make a modern-day Brady Bunch.


When Gina Kell’s (Chabert) husband Matt finally succumbs to cancer after fighting it for several years, Gina finds that raising her two sons alone is difficult but she knows they will all muddle through the difficult time. Six weeks later Michael Spehn (Christie) finds himself in the same circumstance when his wife Cathy dies, leaving him alone to care for their daughter and two sons. The five children attend the same school, so they are familiar with each other. After his loss, Michael seeks out Gina to ask for advice since she is a little “further along” in the mourning process.


It’s not long until Gina and Michael decide to see each other socially. With that being successful, they bring the two families together. The kids are the center of their lives, so they are the ones who must approve of the merging of the two families.


This touching story is filled with emotion as all seven people deal with their tragedies, their lives, and their futures. Having bonded over grief, Gina and Michael discover there is more to their relationship than that. But is it too soon after the loss of their spouses to be this happy and start down a new path in life?


That is the question both adults ponder. None of the kids wants a new mother or father. They adored their parents who passed away. But together they decide that this new family just might work out for all of them.


Michael and Gina are the co-founders of The New Day Foundation for Families. This is a nonprofit organization that helps families with young children who have been affected by cancer.


Michael and Gina can attest to the fact that there is life after cancer strikes a family. Kids might be traumatized by the loss of a parent, but they can move on and be happy again. Their story is inspirational and touching. To learn more about their foundation, go to The shared experience of Michael and Gina brought them together and they want to help others who have gone through a tragedy like they did.


The Color of Rain premiers Saturday, May 31, 2014 on Hallmark Movie Channel.


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