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bigchillThe latest release of the classic 1983 ensemble film, The Big Chill, contains both a Blu-ray version and a DVD version along with plenty of amazing additional features. The story is about seven college friends who gather together after the suicide of one of their friends, and, throughout a reunion weekend they relive some of the good times of their past and discover the changes they have undergone since leaving the cocoon of college life.


Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, Tom Berenger, Jeff Goldblum, Mary Kay Place, JoBeth Williams, and William Hurt play the old college chums, and Meg Tilly is the girlfriend of their deceased friend. Throughout one weekend the gang is together again, and they share their thoughts, lives, insecurities, disappointments, and secrets. The once gung-ho know-it-all college kids have grown up and have responsibilities and different values than they did when they were in college in Michigan. They have entered the real world, but even though they have changed, they remain true and loyal friends. Yes, they have arguments. Yes, some of their old romantic feelings are still there. Yes, they have a shared history. And yes, they are now and will always remain friends.


The soundtrack is a character in itself. The songs were carefully chosen to go with the film. This is a true blast from the past.


If you were alive during the late mid 1960s, you know this film as part of your pop culture. If you are too young, this film is a great ensemble movie that looks at the emotions of life and the maturity of people and ideas as they journey through the maze of life.


Bonus features on this edition are amazing. First, there is a new feature from 2014 with writer/director Lawrence Kasdan. Kasdan discusses his experience with the story, what led him to create the movie, and how his career has endured. He has had plenty of success “in the system” of Hollywood. His greatest desire was to be able to direct his own movies, and he has achieved that. With major success!


When discussing the movie, Kasdan describes it as an ensemble where old animosities return yet love and friendship are endless. He has always been attracted to ensemble films. He enjoys telling several people’s stories together in one piece.


Another bonus feature on this edition is a 1998 reunion documentary with some of the cast as well as Kasdan. In this documentary the soundtrack is discussed as well as the location, which was South Carolina and a brief scene in Atlanta. During the making of the film, the cast was basically isolated from the rest of the world. To form the strong bond they share onscreen, they spent their spare time together, playing music and Trivial Pursuit. Take note of the stories they have about the house in which the majority of the film takes place. It’s haunted. Yep, you read correctly. Listen to their stories. Boo!


There is also a 2013 Q&A feature from the Toronto International Film Festival where the movie was screened for its 30th anniversary.
Rounding out the bonuses are several deleted scenes.


This edition of The Big Chill has everything Chill-lovers could ask for.


The Big Chill is rated R.


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