'The BFG' on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Single DVD

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Creativity abounds in this fantasy story about a little orphan girl and a giant. When Sophie is taken by a giant, she is at first a little afraid, but soon learns he is a friend and they become partners in his dream catching business. This Big Friendly Giant is filled with magic, making The BFG a fun film for the entire family.

The original story was penned by Roald Dahl (James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.) and the screenplay was written by Melissa Mathison (ET, The Black Stallion, etc.) With producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall along with director Stephen Spielberg, the story of The BFG has been taken to the heart of millions of viewers. It’s now available on a Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD Combo Pack as well as a single DVD.

Sophie calls the big friendly giant “BFG” and they become close friends. Unfortunately her life is put in danger by the other giants in Giant Country. These giants are much larger than BFG and are cruel. They even eat little human children.

Sophie comes up with a way to save the BFG from the other giants but it takes a visit to Buckingham Palace and assistance from the Queen to solve the problem.

There are plenty of bonus features on the combo pack. There is a featurette about the little boy who was the BFG’s friend long before Sophie came to his home. There is a feature about bringing the story to life from the inception when it was a bedtime story told by Dahl to his daughters, to the writing and filmmaking processes. Another feature shows viewers how combining motion capture with animation created the realistic giants in the film.

Another fun featurette is a short video by the little boy who had been the BFG’s friend long before Sophie and who taught him to speak English, even if he did mangle words. And speaking of words – no pun intended – there is a cute featurette about the actual words used by the giant. Gobblefunk is the language of the BFG. Words in this language include Swigpill (disgusting food), Frobscottle (a drink where the bubbles go down instead of up and cause some Whizzpopping, aka farting), Majester is his word for Majesty when he visits the queen, Whoopsy-Splunkers, Time-Twiddler, Phizzwizzards and more are part of this creative language combining words to suit the giant’s world.

The BFG is a unique movie that will capture the hearts and imaginations of viewers of all ages. There is something for everyone in this creative film. The BFG is rated PG for action peril, some scary moments, and brief rude humor.

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