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The Angry Birds Movie in 2016 was a fun trip into the world of the Angry Birds. Now The Angry Birds 2 Movie is an even wilder trip into the zany world of the birds and the pigs. Of course, the hatchlings steal the show – again.

Red (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) is now the most beloved bird on Bird Island. He keeps the birds safe from the antics of the pigs over on Pig Island, who are led by King Leonard (Bill Hader). But when a third island comes into play, the birds and the pigs call a truce and join forces to save their respective islands. This Eagle Island is a frozen place with the head eagle named Zeta (Leslie Jones) intent on destroying the other two islands so she and her fellow eagles can move to a better climate. Why should they be destined to a life on the ice?

The select team of birds and pigs sneak onto Eagle Island to stop the destruction of their islands. But they find it more difficult than they originally plan. Silver (Rachel Bloom) is one of the new characters. She is Chuck’s (Josh Gad) sister and a brainiac, not to mention a spirited gal.

While the team sets about saving their islands, the hatchlings are trying to save the new eggs that they have clumsily lost. After all, they’re just little hatchlings. One mistake after another lead the three little birds on an adventure with an interesting outcome.

There are plenty of bonus features on the Blu-ray disc including an all-new mini movie starring Silver and Red as they attempt to try Live Streaming. There are several DIY projects that kids can do with the supervision of their parents. How about making delicious popcorn balls? There is a craft lesson on making a Paper Mache volcano. And there is a tutorial on making green slimy pig snot.

Another bonus looks at the new characters introduced in this movie. The voice actors as well as a look at their characters’ traits are explored. Another bonus feature takes viewers to the Los Angeles Zoo where they see real birds that are represented in the animated film.

Several more bonus features make up this delightful edition that hits the shelves in time for holiday viewing by the entire family. Why not pop in the disc, go directly to the bonus features, make popcorn balls for everyone, and then watch the film while eating your home made delicious treats? Sounds good to me.

The Angry Birds 2 Movie is rated PG for rude humor and action. Let the birds and pigs, and especially the hatchlings, entertain the whole family. The movie is available on DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, and 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack.

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