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Disney’s Tarzan was released in 1999. This Special Edition includes the new to Blu-ray disc of the fun-filled animated story from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic tale. There is a great soundtrack that goes along with this cute story of the little boy raised by gorillas who ultimately found his home.


The story begins when a leopard kills a baby gorilla. At the same time, a human family is shipwrecked. They built a little tree house in the jungle to live. Then the leopard kills the mother and father, leaving the baby alone and crying. It’s then when the two worlds collide, or combine.


Kala, the grieving gorilla mother, discovers this strange little baby. She wants a son, and he needs a mother. She takes him back to her group, and although the leader says the baby will never be part of the clan, he agrees to let him stay.
Kala names this adorable little baby Tarzan, and he grows up a little bit of an outcast but also very much a part of the gorilla group. He’s anxious to prove himself, and although he knows he’s different from the other kids, he tries his best to do everything they do. Tarzan is great at imitating movements and sounds.


There are many fun animals in this film. Check out the sweet little elephant who is a germaphobe. She doesn’t want to get into the water because she’s afraid of bacteria. Her antics will have you laughing out loud.


In the meantime, Tarzan wants to be “the best ape ever.” He works hard at fitting in and proving himself to the others. He has no fears.


Then he comes across a group of humans who are in the jungle to study gorillas. Jane and Tarzan instantly connect, and soon he is helping her and then she is helping him. There are some dangers ahead for all of them. After all, where humans go, danger follows. Human greed is the recipe for danger.


On a side note: check out the human campground and you’ll see Mrs. Potts and Chip (from Beauty and the Beast, 1991), and the music is reminiscent of the soundtrack of Brother Bear, 2003).
In the bonus features, the filmmakers describe how only animation could do justice to the story. Only an animated Tarzan could move the way he does and interact with the animals the way he does. Animation simply makes it better to tell the story of Tarzan’s relationships and movements. Bonus features also include original artwork and a featurette on the filmmakers’ “inspiration search” research trip to Africa so they could portray the land and the animals to their best abilities to make sure the viewers experience the jungle in the truest way possible.


This Special Edition includes a Blu-ray disc, a DVD, and a Digital Copy. Tarzan is rated G for everyone. Just remember the death of the baby gorilla and Tarzan’s parents – for sensitive viewers.


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