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Danielle Cuchran, Kevin Sorbo, and Kristy Swanson star in this family story of love, loss, and courage. Storm Rider is filled with sensitive moments that all revolve around family love and devotion.


Dani (Cuchran) is a spoiled teen who happens to be a champion horse rider. She lives in a large house with her father (C. Thomas Howell), and her stepmother and stepbrother. But when her father’s unscrupulous business dealings land him in jail, Dani is sent to live with her uncle Sam (Sorbo), a bachelor veterinarian who doesn’t know anything about having another person living with him let alone an impressionable teenage girl. As the two start to bond, Dani is given a little mule, which she names Stormy.

Dani is used to training and riding horses, but decides to train Stormy. The two quickly become best friends while she is also forming a friendship with a local boy named Kevin. Dani’s new relationship with Kevin has Sam feeling protective of his niece and finally stepping in as a father figure.


In the meantime, Sam’s friend Jody (Swanson) is wooing him with her homemade cooking, and Dani tries to get him to see that Jody really likes him. Sam, not being the best socializer in the world and oblivious to relationships, finally starts to understand.


Then the family dynamic is changed again when Dani’s stepbrother is dropped off to live with Sam. Now Sam is dealing with not only a teenage girl but also a young boy. Even though he hasn’t had any family around and has no clue about kids, Sam’s innate wisdom comes through and the trio becomes a tight-knit family. 


Storm Rider is a nice family film. It’s rated PG for mild thematic elements and brief language. Don’t worry. No animals die in this film so that should not be a concern for parents of children who are sensitive to this issue. It’s a simplistic story, but I found it to be interesting to watch the four characters – Sam, Jody, and the two kids – form a family with love and caring, devotion and sacrifice.





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