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The comedy everyone has been talking about is now available on Blu-ray or DVD with plenty of bonus features. SPY stars Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper, a CIA agent who goes into the field for the first time, with comical results.

As a CIA analyst, Cooper is deskbound. Her partner is super agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) and together they make a topnotch team. She works from the basement of the Langley headquarters and he works in the field. But when something happens to Fine who is tracking a stolen nuclear bomb, Cooper volunteers to locate the bomb. This means going out in the field as an undercover agent.

The film ties in aspects of the Bond stories, with nods to the Bond opening title sequences, the spiffy gadgets, and the off-the-cuff one-liners. This is definitely meant to be a comedic version of a James Bond movie and it delivers, with plenty of action and laughs.

Miranda Hart costars as Cooper’s friend and ally in the CIA and Jason Statham plays a whacky CIA spy who thinks he can do anything but is quite dense and zany. With Allison Janney, Jude Law, Miranda Hart, and Jason Statham it would seem to be a great ensemble film, however it is really a Melissa McCarthy movie. She is definitely the glue that holds the film together. Pay close attention to the American tourist in one scene. It is played by Ben Falcone, McCarthy’s real-life husband.

The Blu-ray + Digital HD disc includes both the theatrical “R” rated version as well as an unrated version. If you love more zany antics and dialogue, you might enjoy the unrated version however it is very long and at times drags on. I recommend the theatrical version as it is more entertaining and is two hours, however they are two fun hours. The longer unrated version is really drawn out and in my opinion not as fun to watch and runs a little longer.

Other bonus features on the Blu-ray include several gag reels and bloopers. As viewers will see, there are plenty of times the actors couldn’t get their lines right. The director,
Paul Feig, was happy to take suggestions from the cast and they all admit it was a collaborative effort. Locations, characters, and wardrobes are also examined in bonus features and viewers go behind the scenes to see how the film was made and how zany the cast and crew were during the entire process.

The film is fun and funny and the cast makes this a great ride all the way. First time viewers should stick with the theatrical version to get the best flavor of the story without a lot of extra screwball, unnecessary dialogue that weighs it down. The movie is funny and enjoyable, but not for kids.

The SPY theatrical version is rated R for for language throughout, violence and some sexual content including brief graphic nudity.

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