‘Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure’

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They have starred in two feature films and have a TV show. Now the Space Dogs are back for a third adventure. Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure is the third and final film in the movie trilogy. Belka and Strelka return for an all-new adventure that is more down to earth than out-of-this-world.

The duo is completing their mission on another planet when they are abruptly called back to earth. A strange whirlpool is sucking up the Atlantic Ocean. If they do not stop it, the planet will cease to exist. After all, the ocean is a necessary part of the ecosystem.

They quickly return to earth and set out to find the source of the mysterious whirlpool. But soon they are captured by pirates. These pirates just happen to be jellyfish. Keep in mind this is a completely animal world. No humans are part of the story. Animals only. And there are some pretty wild animals in this movie.

The space dogs ultimately discover the source of the whirlpool. But how can they stop it from sucking up all of the water in the ocean? Well, it is pretty easy once they understand the reason the water is being taken. The culprits are aliens that need the water to survive. Belka and Strelka help their new alien friends learn how to make enough water of their own without taking any from earth. Problem solved!

The movie was produced in Russia. The space dogs are referred to as “cosmonauts” and Moscow and Cuba are mentioned. As a matter of fact, Cuba plays a big part in the story. It is where the space dogs’ friends gather and where they all meet up for this daring adventure.

What everyone learns is that by figuring out the problem, there is usually a way to solve it without inflicting further damage or problems on others.

Space Dogs Family is the TV series and season three will be released soon. These characters are popular with kids. Teens might find them boring, but the little ones will enjoy this new adventure with the space dogs.

Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure is in theaters April 2, 2021 and available on VOD April 6, 2021 and on Blu-ray April 20, 2021.  Enjoy the fun of this little animated animal world canine adventure. There are songs and plenty of cute animal antics.  It is rated TV-Y7.

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