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This three-night event on History Channel is filled with thought-provoking and entertaining stories of the men – and women – who set the groundwork for the American Revolution. Sons of Liberty is a mesmerizing movie event depicting the roles Sam Adams (Ben Barns), Paul Revere (Michael Raymond-James), Dr. Joseph Warren (Ryan Eggold) John Hancock (Rafe Spall), and John Adams (Henry Thomas) played in the history of the United Stated.


Known as “the sons of liberty” these men became leaders although they did not seek notoriety. They were simply fed up with the tyrannical ways of the British crown. They were tired of the colonists being treated as second-class citizens.


The first night depicts the colonists standing up to the laws of King George. They begin to sow the seeds for the revolution. While Benjamin Franklin is in London having a good time, Sam and John Adams and their associates are feeling the wrath of the crown. They are beginning to plant the seeds of the revolution. And with the advice and consent of Virginia’s George Washington, they start forming their own army.


Sam Adams is an interesting man. Because his cousin John became president, many people don’t realize the role Sam had in the revolution. This man stood up openly against the British rule. He was a leader and along with several others, managed to do what the British thought was impossible.


The final straw was when the crown replaced the Massachusetts Governor with General Thomas Gage (Marton Csokas). Gage ruled the colony with an iron thumb and his brutal tactics backfired on him. He thought by using force he could scare the colonists into submission. He was wrong. They only became more resolved to fight the British for their rightful liberty.


With the Boston Tea Party, The Shot Heard Round the World, and the American Revolution, Sons of Liberty is a must-see television event. Due to the brutality and scenes of war, this is not for very young kids, however everyone else should see this wonderfully acted and interesting story of the men who made history. They were seeking justice and freedom. They got independence. Everyone living on American soil today and in the past owes gratitude to “The Sons of Liberty.”


Sons of Liberty airs January 25, 26, and 27 on History Channel.


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