‘Snoopy Collection’ is great for fun family viewing

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The new Blu-ray + Digital Snoopy Collection includes four popular Peanuts movies: Race for You Life, Charlie Brown, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy Come Home. Alone, these films are fun for kids and adults, but put them together and you have hours of great family viewing.

Many people think of Woodstock as the place where a big concert occurred in the 1960s. But those of us who know better know that this is the name of the little yellow bird that befriends Snoopy. Little Woodstock made his on-screen debut in the 1972 movie Snoopy Come Home. All of the Peanuts gang appear in this animated film that has Snoopy leaving his comfy home at Charlie Brown’s house and heading off to see a little girl who is in the hospital. Having had a tiff with Charlie Brown, Snoopy defiantly takes off his collar so when he goes away, Charlie Brown and Linus figure out what is going on. Apparently, the little girl who sent the letter to Snoopy informing him she was in the hospital was Lila, his first owner. She wants Snoopy to move in with her. He is in a quandary. But things finally turn out all right for him and the rest of the gang. There are plenty of songs to go along with this adorable story.

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown is a 1977 film has the gang all heading up to summer camp. It’s there they face some bullies and some character-building activities. This story is filled with some music and plenty of Peanuts antics as the gang navigate camp.

In the 1980 film Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown, when two French students come to their school, Charlie Brown and Linus along with Peppermint Patty and Marci are selected to go to France as exchange students. It’s a strange situation for the two boys, who are accompanied by Snoopy and Woodstock. They stay in a mysterious chateau, which seems abandoned but there is always food for them. In the meantime Peppermint Patty and Marci are put up in a farm where Marci is taken with a boy named Pierre. This is another fun little Peanuts film with all the heart and entertainment the little fellows can muster.

The final film in this collection is A Boy Named Charlie Brown. This 1969 film is filled with a variety of Peanuts activities: baseball, Snoopy’s fight with the Red Baron, school, and their personal relationships. The Peanuts gang has entertained many generations of readers and viewers and still brings a laugh, smile, and sometimes a tear to our eyes.

A bonus feature looks at the making of Bon Voyage Charlie Brown.

Too bad this wasn’t available during the Covid lockdown, but it is available now. This collection combines four of the most delightful Peanuts films.

The four films are each rated G. They are all family-friendly and wonderful for all ages. The Peanuts films are truly multi-generational: kids, parents, and grandparents who grew up with Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang.

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