“Sketchbook’ on Disney+ is all about the pictures and the people

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The newest documentary series on Disney+ is an interesting education about the creators who have drawn some of the most memorable characters in Disney films: Kuzco, Olaf, The Genie, Captain Hook, Mirabel, and Simba.

This series of shorts looks at how to draw the six characters as viewers get instructions about the art of animation. Besides learning about how to draw them, viewers also learn a little about the characters but they also get background on the animators themselves.  Every animator has a different story about how they got to where they are.

This series is a brief look at how hopes and dreams have become reality for six people who bring fun and fantasy to life. While watching the characters evolve, viewers learn about all kinds of things related to them and their stories. It’s a sneak peek into the background of the characters and the artists.

With a little patience and some trial and errors, viewers might just get comfortable drawing their own characters. Hey, it’s worth a try. And these animators make the drawing process look easy. (Of course it’s not.)

Gabby Capili – Draws Kuzco – Emperor’s New Groove
Hyun-Min Lee – Draws Olaf – Frozen
Eric Goldberg – Draws Genie – Aladdin
Jin Kim – Draws Captain Hook – Peter Pan
Samantha Vilfort – Draws Mirabel – Encanto
Mark Henn – Draws Young Simba – The Lion King

So pick up a pencil and get some paper. Check out Sketchbook and see what you can learn about these characters.

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