‘Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape’ on DVD

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From Shout! Kids the new DVD Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape is a fun animated tale, or should I say “tail”? In this story Sherlock Holmes is a dog and his sidekick Watson is a cat.

Mack is a thief who steals from the rich to give to the poor. He is not considered a bad guy by most of the people. But Holmes uses his keen powers to catch the thief, to the dismay of the people. Now it is four years later and Mack has escaped from prison.

Holmes is intent on recapturing the fugitive. His intelligence and powers of investigation leads him to Mack, however there are extenuating circumstances to this story. Sherlock decides to give the guy a break and let him fulfill his last wish. Holmes is a sensitive guy at heart.

Things go awry when Mack’s daughter is kidnapped. This gives Holmes another case to work on and he must use all his intellect and powers of deduction to solve it. But as we all know, Sherlock Holmes always solves his cases and this is no exception.

The movie was produced in Hong Kong and the look of the characters reflects the country in their characteristics.  There are fun and cute characters, including Carlson Fox, Gordon Gorilla Riller, Shinny Monkey, Little Rabbit, and more.

The DVD and digital platforms are available beginning March 23, 2021. This is a cute movie for kids with plenty of adventure and everyone’s favorite detective. Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape is not rated however it is appropriate or all ages.

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