‘Royals & Romance’ 3-Film Collection

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Ever since Princess Diana came onto the scene, the royals have fascinated the world. With the arrival of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markel, Americans especially have been engaged in the fairy tales of Diana’s sons William and Harry and their princesses.  Royals & Romance is a three-disc collection of the Lifetime bio films focusing on the lives and loves of these royal couples.

First of all, in 2011 William & Kate entertained viewers with the love story of these down-to-earth people who met at school and began their lifelong love affair. Even though they had their ups and downs, with “Waity Katy” holding on to her dream of marrying William, the couple eventually tied the knot and today have three children while waiting for their ascendance to the throne (after the Queen and Prince Charles).The film depicts several aspects of their courtship and is a fairy tale in itself.

Then in 2018 Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance focused on Meghan Markel who burst onto the world scene. Having been a successful actor and activist, Meghan was set up on a blind date with Prince Harry. The two hit it off immediately and the movie shows many parts of their relationship as they head toward the alter, combating many obstacles along the way.

The following year, Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal shows the ups and downs of their new life as husband and wife. Meghan had to conform to royal life however she decided many things were just not her way of living. She threw away the panty hose and reveled in black nail polish when she wanted to wear it. The couple is played by different actors than the original film. It would have been fun to see the actors return, but this couple is just as entertaining to watch.

These instances actually happened, however the films might be a bit off when it comes to timelines. Yes, the films are fiction, however they are definitely based on actual events. The way the filmmakers wove the actual situations into this narrative about the lives of the two couples makes them enjoyable to watch. No one actually knows what was said between the main characters in private, however the public scenes are definitely based on reality.

The three movies were shown on Lifetime Television and are now available in a 3-disc package. Royal fans will definitely want this collection. And although the movies are biopics, they are a fairly good depiction of the lives of the four royals. We all love a good fairy tale, and especially one based on reality.

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