‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ is a heartfelt story of friendship

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Ron’s Gone Wrong is an animated story of friendship as well as an inside look at how technology is influencing our lives. The focus of the movie is one lonely little boy who finds his best friend in an artificial intelligent being, but ultimately learns the biggest lesson in life for today’s world. It is that machines cannot take the place of human relationships.

Barney is a middle school student who does not have any friends. Every other child in the school has one of the new B-Bots, which are robots built to be a child’s best friend. All Barney wants for his birthday is his own B-Bot. The only B-Bot his father can find is a beat up bot that has not had its program uploaded. This little fellow has no idea what he is supposed to do, so Barney takes it upon himself to teach the bot how to be his best friend. Ultimately what happens is the bot, whom he named Ron due to his serial number, teaches Barney how to be a best friend.

This story is a comment on today’s world. The inventor of the B-Bots designed them to be a friend and to help children make new friends. The company, however, has other ideas about the bots. By uploading everything about the children, marketing can target specific ads to them. Sound familiar? How many times have you searched for a product or looked at a product online and all of a sudden you get ads for that specific product?

When the bots go crazy in the schoolyard, the situation is compared to “Mad Max meets Sesame Street.” But while the kids are spending all of their time with their own bots, they are missing out on interpersonal skills and relationships. This is something that kids today are facing. Spending all of their time on their phones or tablets is similar to what Barney and his fellow students do with their bots. Who needs people when a bot is your best friend?

The movie is a fun story and the characters of Barney and Ron are heartwarming. Even though Ron is not functioning the way he was supposed to, he teaches the people that friendship is the ultimate goal of their lives. We need each other, and Barney is just the guy to prove that.

Ron’s Gone Wrong is a cute story that will touch hearts of all ages. It is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, and digital. The movie is rated PG.


And look for the plush interactive Ron, your best friend in a box.

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