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After The OutsidersClass, Oxford Blues, and St. Elmo’s Fire, Rob Lowe took on the role of Dean Youngblood in the 1986 film Youngblood. Lowe plays a 17-year old boy living on a farm with his father and brother, but his passion is playing hockey. When he gets a tryout with a junior team, he defies his father’s wishes and goes up to Hamilton, Canada to chase his dream.

Patrick Swayze (who also appeared with Lowe in The Outsiders) plays the team’s captain Derek Sutton and a very young Keanu Reeves is Heaver, the team’s goalie. Ed Lauter is coach Murray Chadwick, and his daughter Jessie is played by Cynthia Gibb, in her first film role.

Dean is the young kid on the team. Consequently he is subject to hazing, but he takes it. His passion is playing hockey and he’ll do just about anything for a chance to play on a team and make it to the big league.

Dean takes an instant liking to Jessie, not knowing she is the coach’s daughter. That doesn’t bode well for his standing on the team. But soon he shows his talent and becomes a contributing member of this young team, proving he can stand up to whatever comes his way. That is until his friend is abruptly attacked on the ice by a brutal foe. It’s then when Dean has to take stock of his dreams. Does he really want to be part of this or should he go back to the farm?

Following your dream is the message of this film. And watching these young men, as well as Gibb, in the beginning of their careers is fun. This movie came out one year before Dirty Dancing made Swayze a household name. And, as we all know, Lowe went on to a long career in film and TV.

Youngblood is a fun movie that takes viewers on a journey following the dreams of one young farm boy who decides he really wants to play hockey and does whatever it takes to fulfill his desires.

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