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Turbo was a fun, fast, and popular feature film, and now NetFlix takes this DreamWorks story one step further with the new animated series Turbo F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team). Reid Scott supplies the voice of Turbo, the snail with the need for speed.


In the film Ryan Reynolds voiced the little snail, so Scott found taking over the role a little intimidating. “I thought that he did such a fantastic job,” Scott proclaimed in an interview with TV critics. “And that he had a really great voice for animation, too. And I’m sure he’ll probably do more. But the good thing was that we weren’t really looking for a voice match. It was more sort of a character match or an attitude match.” And Reid Scott fit the bill, or I should say, snail.


“And, and at this point, the little subtleties and nuances in my voice and in my style, and in my approach to the character, have slowly sort of taken over.” He added, “But it’s still very faithful to the feature.”


Reid Scott explained the differences between the movie and the series, besides the fact that there can be many more adventures in the series. “The feature sort of resides in the world of humans, although you see that the snails habitat in their home and everything. The series goes much deeper into their world and into them interacting with other bugs and other creatures. And while humans are still present, it’s really much more about the little guys out there, the mini creatures.”

Scott is not new to television and has appeared in many series. He admitted he had to sometimes restrain his humor in regular TV, while “in an animated series, you’re encouraged to go big. I mean, bigger is better and broader is better. Louder is better; faster is better.” He joked, “So, I guess from an actor’s standpoint you’re sort of encouraged to do all of the bad things that you didn’t get to do elsewhere. You get to exercise those demons. So, it’s a good place to sort of get that out of your system.  It’s really fun because you can be a kid again.”

Reid Scott is happy with his new role because this time his audience is kids. “It’s a nice way to connect with much younger generations. And it takes me back. And I have as much fun doing it as I’m sure I would watching it, if I was a kid.”


Turbo F.A.S.T. airs on NetFlix.


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