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projectalmanacWe’ve all thought about time travel. What if you could go back in time and do something differently? What would you do? Would you win the lottery? Would you go to that concert you missed? Would you change something about your relationship with someone? The high school students in Project Almanac do just that and more, but they discover any changes to the past have serious consequences on the present.


David (Jonny Weston), Quinn (Sam Lerner), and Adam (Allen Evangelista) have been friends since they were young. They are tech geeks and even in this age of high tech, they are definitely considered true “geeks” in their school. David’s sister Christina (Virginia Gardner) is getting bullied by some of the girls at school. And Jessie (Sofia Black-D’Elia) is one of the “hot” girls in the school. They find themselves in an interesting and monumental alliance when David discovers the plans for a time machine and along with his two best friends sets out to build it.


In the beginning David simply wants to make something that would impress the admissions and scholarship committees at MIT, but what happens is more than what he ever imagined.  With his sister documenting everything on video, David and the boys, along with Jessie who accidentally stumbles on their project, actually put the machine together and even improve the original plans. Instead of being able to go back in time for a short timespan, they tweak the technology and create the ability to go back over a decade.


The premise of the film is intriguing and will have viewers wondering what they would do if they could go back in time. But the changes to his current life have David obsessed with changing things in his past. He starts off as the most level- headed of the group, but ends up being lured by the power of time travel.


The beginning of the film is a bit slow and even lackluster but hang in there because it does improve. This is definitely something teens will enjoy. The film is meant to look like it was filmed as a documentary on the life of David and then the “jumps” with the machine, so it is something young techies will see as interesting.


The consequences of time travel are front and center in the movie as the team continues to change and tweak their pasts, which change their lives in the present. But what happens when their past selves and their present selves meet? This is the conundrum of time travel. And what about the ripple effect? If you change one thing from the past, several things in the present will be different.


It’s an interesting idea to think about. The film is offered in a single DVD with just the movie, and a Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD Combo pack. The Blu-ray includes some deleted scenes and an alternate opening, as well as some alternate endings.


Project Almanac is rated PG-13 for some language and sexual content.


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