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Peter Pan: Return to Neverland - Combo PackAs sequels go, this is pretty darn good. Peter Pan: Return to Neverland is an extension of the original Disney’s Peter Pan only this one focuses on Wendy’s daughter Jane. Wendy is all grown up with a family of her own. The story takes place during the London Blitz in World War II. Wendy’s husband is off fighting in the war and she is left to care for her young daughter Jane and baby Danny. As the years go by, Jane is tormented by the bombings and the war itself and loses all her joy of life. As a young child she was excited to hear stories about Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, but now she has lost her childlike curiosity and imagination. The war has effected her to the point of being more like a grown up than the child she is. She is a serious young girl.

One night, Captain Hook kidnaps Jane thinking she is Wendy. His intent is to exchange her for the treasure Peter and the Lost Boys are hiding. But soon everyone discovers the girl who is now in Neverland is not Wendy but her daughter Jane. Peter and the Lost Boys are happy to have Jane among them, but she is eager to get back to her family and doesn’t see the fun and the wonderment of Neverland.

With Jane’s disbelief in Fairies, Tink starts to lose her glow. She is dying and it is up to Jane to save her. If only she would believe in fairies. That’s all it takes to save Tinker Bell.

Well, as we all know, Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust are the magic combination and Jane discovers that life is not as dismal as she thought.

This is a delightful story with all the fun and fantasy of the original Peter Pan. It holds a lesson for all of us. We must never lose sight of the joy and amazement in life. Even in the darkest hours, there is light. In this case, it’s from a tiny fairy named Tinker Bell. Do you believe in fairies?

In a sweet scene, Peter and Tink have a touching encounter with Wendy, bringing the story full circle.

Captain Hook is still the same old scoundrel we all know. And the Lost Boys are absolutely adorable. It would be fun to see a movie with just Peter and the boys one of these days. Tootles, Nibs, Cubby, Slightly, and The Twins are fun loving little guys.

Some deleted scenes are included in this combo pack. The one where Wendy sings “The Second Star to the Right” lullaby to her baby is sweet. I couldn’t stop humming that song for hours after watching this Blu-ray. I believe it is one of the best Disney songs.

Peter Pan: Return to Neverland Special Edition includes a Blu-ray, a DVD, and Digital Copy. There is a DVD+ Digital Copy Special Edition as well. The film is rated “G” and is great family entertainment, filled with Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!


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