Ookii’s World

Based on Lazoo’s Bologna Ragazzi award-winning book series

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ookiis world


Lazoo Worldwide, the award-winning developer of books and apps, is teaming up with leading TV channel and digital content company BabyFirst to create the new show“Ookii’s World.” Launching exclusively on BabyFirst TV on September 8, “Ookii’s World” will star the playful – and very curious – dinosaur Ookii.

In his imaginary environment, Ookii will encourage children’s natural curiosity by “opening the door” to innovative ideas and solutions through unique educational lessons. His world is an imaginative and safe environment for creation and discovery – a world filled with out-of-the-box thinking that will enrich young minds.  The series will help increase a child’s basic knowledge by presenting interesting day-to-day phenomena as well as help foster creative thinking and problem-solving skills.