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Northpole: Open for Christmas is the sequel to last year’s popular Hallmark Channel movie Northpole. Bailee Madison reprises her role of Clementine, a spunky elf who gets an assignment to reintroduce the Christmas spirit to a woman who has lost her way.

The secret of how Santa flies around the world in one night is this – he has several power stations throughout the world that spur on the magic of his flight. Unfortunately, one site is powering down. This Inn has just been inherited by Mackenzie (Lori Loughlin), a high-powered New York businesswoman. Her aunt bequeathed the Northern Lights Inn to Mackenzie, who travels to Vermont with the intention of selling the property.

Although she has great memories of her childhood at the Inn, Mackenzie doesn’t feel any special attachment to the property. That is until Clementine arrives to guide her back to the magic, fun, and wonder of the holiday.

Mackenzie decides to fix up the Inn before selling it so that gives Clementine some time to get her to change her mind. The Inn has been one of Santa’s beacons for a long time and if goes dark, then Santa won’t be able to make his rounds this Christmas. So it is imperative that Clementine brings the spirit of the holiday back to Mackenzie, with a little help from the staff at the Inn who are also Santa’s helpers.

Besides the elves, Clementine gets some human help from Jack (Dermot Mulroney), the carpenter who is fixing up the Inn, and his daughter Jenny (Ava Telek), a young girl filled with all the joy and wonder of the season.
Northpole Open For Christmas Final Photo AssetsWith this infectious group, the Inn is quickly restored to its previous state of grandeur and brings not only the spirit of Christmas back to Mackenzie, but to the entire town. The Northern Lights Inn was a beacon of magic for the town and once restored, it brings back the town’s love and excitement for the magical time of the year.

Bailee Madison shines bright as the optimistic elf who doesn’t shy away from a difficult task. Bailee is always entertaining and she proves she still has the magic touch when it comes to fun, spirited holiday stories. Someone else to keep an eye on is Ava Telek who plays little Jenny. This girl is adorable and definitely has a long career in front of her. Her face lights up the screen and her smile is infectious. Telek is another shining star in this adorable family holiday film.

Northpole: Open for Christmas premiers Saturday, November 21, 2015 on Hallmark Channel. Grab some hot chocolate and popcorn and settle in for a cute movie.

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