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This new series on NatGeo takes viewers behind the scenes of some very dangerous events. The premier episode, “The Real Black Hawk Down,” is nothing short of extraordinary.

Through reenactments and first person accounts, the story of the events in Somalia in 1993 is dramatic and interesting. Somali militia controlled Mogadishu. What was to be a simple snatch and grab assignment with the Army Rangers and Delta Force dropping into the city and capturing two Somali leaders, turned out to be a terrible episode in history.

This is the story that inspired the book and subsequent movie, however seeing the reenactments along with the first person accounts of those who were there that horrific day is more shocking than any Hollywood film. This show reunites two of the soldiers and one pilot, who encountered more than they bargained for when they undertook this mission.

While no reenactment can be as realistic as the true events, the descriptions from the men make this as real as possible. Viewers hear their stories and their emotions.

When they entered the city mobs of people and barrages of gunfire met them and they were quickly under attack at every turn. Their force quickly diminished as the number of those injured and killed piled up. And once the first helicopter was shot down, the mission quickly turned from a snatch and grab to a search and recover. After all, the creed is ‘leave no one behind.’

Then the second helicopter was shot down and as the visuals unfold on screen, viewers hear just exactly was going through the pilot’s mind as he encountered torture and was facing imminent death.

What comes across in this documentary is the heroism of all the men, even though they didn’t feel like heroes then or now. The incident has been well documented, however hearing their thoughts now as they recount the events is what sets this account apart from all others.

No Man Left Behind: The Real Black Hawk Down is an intense and interesting chapter in American military history. It premiers on NatGeo June 28, 2016.

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