Nickelodeon’s new show 'Middle School Moguls'

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Nickelodeon’s new show Middle School Moguls consists of four half-hour CG-animated specials following four new friends who are starting their own companies while attending school. Talk about ambitious!

Mogul Academy helps bring out the ambitions and capabilities within the students. Each of the four specials looks at the academy from the “moguls–in–training.” There is Valeria, who wants to inventor sports gear, Winnie, an aspiring chef for pets, Celeste, a techie, and Yuna, an up and coming fashion designer. They face challenges and learn to work to overcome what gets in their way.

Jane Lynch plays the Headmaster of the Mogul Academy and Tim Gunn voices the fashion department head in the school.

Middle School Moguls is the brainchild of the Heitkamp sisters, who hatched the idea when Jenae was working as a school counselor in Los Angeles inner-city schools. “I was working full-time as a school counselor and interacted with many girls of various demographics,” remembers Jenae Heitkamp.  “It was eye-opening to see what toys and media the girls were passionate about. When they liked something, they really liked something and they’d wear it on their clothes, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. So, I really saw that girls had this big connection to characters.”

“At the time, I was getting my MBA, and was heavily involved in entrepreneurship,” Gina Heitkamp adds.  “We had this lightbulb moment.  We had always loved making businesses together as kids and decided that we could make fun, relatable characters who also inspired kids to become the boss.”

This series might give your child the encouragement he or she needs to pursue their true interests. Middle School Moguls premiers Sunday, September 8, 2019 on Nickelodeon.

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