New Preschool Show Clangers Comes to Sprout

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NBCUniversal Events - Season 2015William Shatner will be hosting the animated series Clangers on Sprout. The new preschool TV series premiers June 20 on Sprout Network. So, what exactly are Clangers? They are little pink mouse-like aliens with flappy feet and long noses who live on a hollow blue planet. They live in a craters and the top of the craters is their front door. Every time the door opens or shuts, it makes a clanging sound. That’s how they get the name Clangers. The show was originally made in Britain in 1968 and now American kids will get to have fun with these little aliens.

William Shatner is narrating this series, which is geared for ages 2-6. Shatner told the media, “That age group has a very short attention span. So the question is how do you attract their attention and keep it? In addition to that, how can you make the entertainment not only entertainment and make them laugh and giggle, but can there [also] be a meaning behind it?” That is what all shows for young viewers try to attain.


Shatner added with excitement, “It’s a wonderful animated show that’s quite different than anything I’ve ever seen. I have three girls, who were at one time that age and now who were at one time that age.” He is happy and proud to be part of this show that will both excite and entertain, not to mention educate young viewers.


clanger“Each one of these [episodes] has a gentle message behind it stated by the narrator. The little figures don’t speak in any language except their own, which is composed of whistles. They understand each other, but the narrator explains exactly what they’re saying.” Shatner proudly explained, “The end result is a 10-minute [or] 12-minute segment that offers a little life lesson at the end.” He also expressed that the show doesn’t “talk down” to the kids. They are at an age when they understand meanings and fairness. “It works beautifully,” the veteran actor stated.


Shatner divulged that when he was a teenager, he loved telling stories and especially enjoyed telling stories in the welfare camp where he was a counselor. “So my background is telling stories to kids, not only as a counselor, but as a father.”


William Shatner is synonymous with Science Fiction, having been legendary Captain Kirk on the Star Trek series from 1966-1969, as well as supplied the voice of Kirk on Star Trek: The Animated Series from 1973-1974.


“This is part of the Sprout network. I had never heard of the Sprout network,” Shatner confessed, “but what a wonderful term, the sprouts.” He compared little children to little plants. They both need nurturing. He explained that the show and the network are raising the bar for young viewers. “I’m very proud to be part of it.”CLANGERS_SECONDARY_LOGO


At a lunch with Mr. Shatner he told me, “Kids today have the attention span of a goldfish.” He is happy that this show doesn’t talk down to kids but talks “with” them, on their lever so they don’t get bored. This show will hold their interest. And the show is meant to be viewed by parents and kids together. It is a great family series that will entertain and teach at the same time. “But kids won’t know they’re learning.” They will simply enjoy watching the Clangers!


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