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labambaSeveral new Blu-rays have recently been released from Twilight Time. This new batch of films has something for everyone.


La Bamba


The 1987 movie La Bamba introduced audiences to a very young Lou Diamond Phillips. This bio-pic is the story of Ritchie Valens, a rising rock and roll star who tragically died in a plane crash when he was only 17. What he would have achieved had he lived is not known, but in his short career Ritchie had several hit songs, including “Donna,” “Come on, Let’s Go,” and “La Bamba.”


Ritchie’s rise to almost instant stardom is depicted along with his relationship with his devoted mother, his rivalry with his brother Bob (played by Esai Morales), and his relationship with girlfriend Donna (played by Danielle von Zerneck). Valens is portrayed as a clean-cut young boy and the direct opposite of his brother who is shown as a drinking, drug dealing, and troubled young man.


La Bamba was Lou Diamond Phillips’ first starring role. From there he has built a strong career as an actor and has even taken on the role of director from time to time. He currently is seen in the TV series Longmire.


Ritchie Valens was born Richard Steven Valenzuela in 1941. His professional name was changed to Ritchie Valens when he was discovered as a high school student in 1958. He hit the top of the charts quickly but had a short ride. On February 3, 1959 Valens, along with Buddy Holly and J.P. Richardson, aka The Big Bopper, were killed in a plane crash. This day is known as and memorialized by rock and roll fans as “The Day the Music Died.”




Jack Palance and Omar Sharif star in the 1969 film Che! Palance portrays Fidel Castro and Sharif plays Che Guevara in this story of Argentinian revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his association with Castro as they fought against the Batista regime and Castro rose to power in Cuba. From 1956 to 1967, the story of Che’s life plays out for viewers.


dogsofwarThe Dogs of War


And the third film, The Dogs of War, is an adaptation of the novel by noted author Frederick Forsyth. This is the story of mercenaries conducting a coup in a fictional African country. Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger star in this 1980 film.


Each one of these Blu-ray editions is limited to only 3,000 each. So, whether you are in the mood for a musical bio-pic, a historical bio-pic, or a fictional but believable political film, there is something on this list for you.


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