‘My Life is Murder’ returns for season 2

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Lucy Lawless is back as Alexa Crowe, a smart, sassy, and ingenious detective. She doesn’t do things by the book. She is a private detective not part of the police, which gives her freedom to detect in her own way. Ha! She had been a cop, but now she is out on her own and she regularly gets called in to help the department with crimes. My Life is Murder is entertaining due to the performance by Lawless and her sidekick Ebony Vagulans.

Lawless is fun to watch. Her character loves to bake, loves her solitude, and loves to solve crimes. Now, add in her roommate Madison (Vagulans), a perky, inquisitive, and resourceful woman, and this team really heats up.

Season two opens with a strange murder. While a woman was seen shooting a man in broad daylight, she insists she did not do it. She has no memory of the event. All the clues lead to her as the killer but Alexa feels this woman is innocent. So it is up to her and Madison to find out what really happened.

Another episode deals with a familial relationship between two sisters and the men in their lives. One sister is a famous and rich entrepreneur and the other is living on her coattails.

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The 10 episodes in this season are filled with clever dialogue, intrigue, and the cunning of Alexa. This woman has the innate talent to put clues together that are not obvious.

Between baking bread and solving crimes, Alexa is an interesting character with a past that often creeps up on her. It is Madison that adds the comic relief to this duo. Together they are fun to watch and the show is an interesting blend of characters, crime, and personalities. To this crime fighting duo, add in the local café owner Reuben, Joe Naufahu (Game of Thrones) and the police detective Harry (Rawiri Jobe) and you have a cast of characters that are likeable, entertaining, and interesting.

This season reunites Lawless with several former castmates from her most iconic series, including Anna Hutchison (Spartacus), Graham Vincent (Spartacus), Jay Ryan (Beauty and The BeastIt Chapter TwoMary Kills People) and Bruce Hopkins (Lord of the Rings, Xenia: Warrior Princess), as well as an array of acclaimed actors in guest star roles including the beloved William Shatner (Star Trek, Haven), Martin Henderson (Grey’s Anatomy, The Gloaming), Michelle Ang (Fear The Walking Dead, Triple 9), Sara Wiseman (A Place to Call Home, Rake), Bill Bailey (Black BooksRalph Spaced), Matt Whelan (Narcos: Mexico, The Sounds), popular drag performers Kita Mean and Amanduh La Hor, among several other guest stars.

Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV

The series moves to Auckland, New Zealand and the kiwi actor is excited to be home again. “I am in love with the city of my birth and I’m thrilled to be showing her off to the world as the stunning backdrop to our stories,” she said.

Season two of this entertaining crime drama premieres August 30, 2021 with two episodes, followed by new episodes on Mondays on Acorn TV.

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