‘My Fair Lady’ on 4K Ultra HD is spectacular

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Paramount has just released the classic musical My Fair Lady on 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital. 4K makes a big difference. The colors are bright and brilliant and the sound is wonderful. Fans of this film will undoubtedly want to experience it in the beautiful 4K Ultra HD resolution.

The 1964 film stars Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison in this retelling of Pygmalion. Harrison reprises his Broadway role of Professor Henry Higgins and Hepburn plays Eliza Doolittle, a role that was originated by Julie Andrews on stage. Casting Hepburn displeased many theater fans since Andrews was nominated for a Tony for her performance in 1957. But Andrews was cast as Mary Poppins and ended up winning the Academy Award in 1965 and Hepburn was not even nominated. Harrison took home the statue for his performance and My Fair Lady won best film. This whole controversy put a dark cloud over the film, however it has stood the test of time and is a multi-generational hit!

The story of a flower girl who was turned into a lady of society is filled with memorable songs. The soundtrack for this film is a popular choice for musical fans.

Hepburn sang the songs during filming but was dubbed by a professional singer in the final release. There are many great bonus features on the Blu-ray disc. Viewers get to hear Hepburn singing a couple of the songs, and quite honestly she is pretty good. In the end the filmmakers decided to use a professional singer.

Another bonus looks at the making of the film, production tests and the Premieres in Britain and Los Angeles. A radio interview with Harrison is a delight. There are plenty of bonuses on this disc that will entertain fans of the film.

Even with the controversy about casting Eliza Doolittle, the movie is a sheer delight and even, dare I say, perfection. For viewers who never saw Julie Andrews on stage, the only Eliza they know is Audrey Hepburn, and she is adorable as the flower girl who manages to tame the crusty and curmudgeon professor. Softening Professor Higgins was not part of the plan, but as he changed her, she changed him. This is why the movie is endearing and charming.

The soundtrack by Lerner and Lowe includes songs that will stay with viewers long after the movie is over. “I Could Have Danced All Night,” “I’m Getting Married in the Morning,” “On the Street Where you Live,” “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face,” “The Rain in Spain,” “Just You Wait,” and more combine to make the music for this delightful film.

The 4K Ultra HD is the best way to relive this musical experience.

“My Fair Lady” is rated G for all audiences.

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