‘Off the Rails’ is a sentimental movie in many ways

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The film Off the Rails was the final film role for Kelly Preston who passed away last year. The story is kind of a blend of The First Wives Club mixed with The Big Chill.

Cassie (Preston), Liz (Sally Phillips), Kate (Jenny Seagrove), and Anna (Andrea Corr) were best friends in college. Their graduation trip to Europe to see the light shine in a cathedral in Palma Spain was derailed. The light shines through the stained glass only two days a year. So when, after many years, Cassie, Liz, and Kate get together again for Anna’s funeral, they are in for a surprise. Anna’s final wish was for the three friends to take her 18-year-old daughter Maddie (Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips), retrace their post-collegiate trip and finally see the light through the stained glass, which was something they never got to do.

The story takes on many emotional journeys as the three friends – along with Maddie – trek to Paris then to Italy and Spain to fulfill Anna’s last wish. But will they make it in time? There are plenty of derailments (literally and figuratively) in their journey. Each woman is experiencing personal struggles and mid-life regrets. But Maddie is determined to see her mother’s final wish granted.

The film takes on an added emotional aspect being it was the final film role for Preston, who died of cancer. In the film, Anna’s death was due to her bought with cancer. Viewers will undoubtedly see through the façade Preston puts on screen, as she was most likely aware of her impending demise.

The women face one debacle after another as they travel through Europe. But is their friendship strong enough to survive the personal struggles and interpersonal skirmishes?

In the end, viewers will have a sense of how strong the friendship between these women is and how life, although short, is meant for friends, love, and adventure.

Off the Rails is rated R for some language. It opens in theaters and on demand December 10, 2021.

For more information about the Cathedral and the amazing light show through the rose window, visit this site.

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