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Although I am not a big fan of live-action films taken from classic animated stories, I can say I enjoyed Cruella more than I expected I would. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson star in this story of the young Curella De Vil, the evil villain from 101 Dalmatians.

The film begins with a young girl names Estella who sees her mother killed. She then is taken in by two street kids named Jasper and Horace, and they form their own unique family.

They grow up and Estella (Stone), Jasper (Joel Fry), and Horace (Paul Walter Hauser) are a lucrative grafter team. Why not? They have cunning and courage. Plus they have nothing to lose. But Estella wants desperately to be a designer, so the boys get her an interview with a posh clothing store.

Estella is taken under the wing of the Baroness (Thompson), a kind of Devil Wears Prada boss, who sees great potential in the girl. But as time goes by, Estella discovers it was the Baroness who is to blame for her mother’s death.  Estella puts a plan in play with the assistance of Horace and Jasper. She becomes the arch nemesis of the Baroness and names her new persona Cruella.

Cruella has a different personality from Estella. This new persona has only one thing on her mind – revenge. While she goes about making a name for herself and her wonderful designs and creations, Cruella has her eyes on the prize, which is taking out the Baroness and becoming the number one designer.There is an interesting plot twist that might surprise viewers.

There are no animals killed to make coats, so don’t let that worry you when deciding about watching this movie with your kids. And, the story stops before Cruella becomes an animal killer. The film gives the history of this woman and possibly is a set up for a sequel. Who knows?

Anyway, I did enjoy it more than I expected, and Stone is appealing as the cunning up-and-coming villain. The soundtrack is a great part of the film.

Cruella streams on Disney+ Premier Access beginning May 28, 2021. It is rated PG for some violence and thematic elements. Very young kids might be upset by the death of her mother.

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